Want to Increase Sales? What Does Forbes Recommend?

📷This Forbes article tackles the main underlying constraint that hold companies back from dramatically increasing sales and identifies what you need to do to realize the true potential in your company.

#1 “If you’re alive and breathing as an entrepreneur, you need a coach. I’m not only a coach, I’m also the CEO of a company of 40 people. I’ve hired half a dozen coaches, been the beneficiary of a couple dozen mentors, and worked with multiple therapists. Your companies only expand at the rate of your own growth. Find a coach you can rely on and get to work. The ROI is ridiculous. — Corey BlakeRound Table Companies

Find out what the other 7 signs are and discover other ways to take your business to the next level in “Eight Signs It’s Time to Hire a Business Coach” – Forbes March 24, 2016


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